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Scrap Metal Processing – Different Processes Applied To Scrap Metal before Recycling
Scrap metal processing is a very important procedure applied to all the discarded metal objects so that they can be recycled easily. From separation of base metals to cleaning, all of this is done in this stage. Scrap metals are composed of numerous metals alloyed in various proportions. They may contain some amount of gold, platinum, ruthenium, silver combined with several base metals. To get the correct value for these, the scrap metals have to be melted properly and separated from each other.

To separate the metals from each other, the process of induction is used. The separation process is carried on until there is no mix left. Induction can also be useful to clean the metals properly. Scrap metal processing has several advantages; it fills the need of reused metals and doesn’t pollute the ecology. US Environmental Protection Agency has done some research on scrap metal and they have found out that there is far more less pollution done by processes of scrap metals. Processing of scrap metals is not very easy as all the base metals have to be separated and then molded into their new form. The popularity of scrap metals has grown a lot over the years as they are cheaper and less polluting.
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Processing Scrap metal
Scrap metal processing is divided in two stages. The first one is collection; here various scraps metals are collected from disposed vehicles, consumer’s items and industrial products. These metals are then sent to various sorting agents who break up the metals based on type, grades and composition. The second process is melting; before melting the metals, a metal recycling plant carries out a quality inspection check ensure that the sorting agent has properly separated the types of metals. Then the smelter is used to heat the metal. The fully molten metal is molded into small bars called ingots and then cooled.
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The scrap metals which are removed out from dust extractor bags require burning to separate the metals. Once done, the process of oxidizing the non-metals is undertaken. Here, while safeguarding the metallic content, it is vital to burn the scrap at a correct rate and at the proper temperature. Metals may require crushing to reduce the particle size below a threshold for melting purpose. Therefore Scrap metal processing is a crucial link between the preliminary collection of metals and final recycling procedure.

Scrap Metal Processing
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