Scrap Metal Grades

What is Scrap Metal Grade ?
Scrap Metal Grades is a standard by which a scrap metal is evaluated when it has to be traded. Every scrap metal has a grade and the cost depends on it. If you want either sell or buy scrap metal, you need to be aware of the grade so that you get a good price for it. HMS 1 is a grade of scrap meal. It stands for Heavy Melting Scrap and is one of the most expensive scrap. The recycled product is used for railway tracks and other such heavy duty functions. There are several sub grades under this as well.

Grades in scrap iron
On a broad basis, scrap iron can be classified into two grades – prepared and unprepared scrap iron. In addition, to these two kinds, you also have scrap metal grades such as sheet metal, tins, plates, structural elements, balling, turning, appliances, motor blocks, metal shreds, cast iron, oversize cast and electric motors. Each of these grades has special properties that decide the type and worth of scrap metal.

For example, for a scrap iron to be graded as prepared scrap iron, it has should not contain other metals, should not have turnings, should not contain any trace of asbestos and non ferrous metals are not included in this grade, to name a few specifications.
Scrap Metal Grades
Similarly, unprepared scrap iron requires conditions such as minimum size limits, in addition to many others. The basic rule is that highest grade is provided to metals that have a high purity level. When other metals are added to it or when alloys are formed, grade reduces. Also, paint can, barrels and buckets are not included in several grades. However, for certain alloys such as steel metal scrap, stainless steel and brass, grading is provided on percentage of metals used or composition of metals.

Appliance grade
Grading of scrap metal appliances also has a number of specifications. There are a number of appliances that use metals such as water heaters, dryers, washers, furnaces, stoves, refrigerators and door and window insulators, to name a few. Inclusion of plastic and other non ferrous metals also reduces grade of the scrap. Also, any metal appliance that does not have a CFC certification (for appliances that release CFCs such as refrigerators and air conditioners) is not considered for grading. Paint cans, barrels and buckets are not included in appliance grade scrap metals as well. Scrap metal grade reduces if the metal is infused with wood or rubber.

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