Aluminum Scrap Metal – Types, Grades, Prices and Market

Aluminum Scrap Metal
In the past decades the aluminum scrap metal recycling has developed into a major industry in U.S. More and more people are becoming aware about the need for recycling and the various benefits it offers on economy and environment. Aluminum scrap metal can be processed and re-used for any number of times without being losing the structural quality. Aluminum scrap metals can be disposed easily through the scrap recycling service companies and the scrap metal markets. There are different types of aluminum scrap metal and the value of aluminum scrap depends on the cleanliness and the condition of the metal.

The UBCs Aluminum Scraps
This is the commonly found aluminum scrap. The cans of beer, soda and other carbonated drink are UBCs. These aluminum cans are thin and they are collected and shredded to be used in making other products in different industries. The UBCs can be melted and reproduced in to new cans. The aluminum scrap metal from the automotive industry is the auto wheels. Aluminum cables have higher value as scrap than UBCs and auto wheels. When the scrap is collected the different types of alumina scrap are separated in order to get more value.
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Remelt Aluminum
Another type of high value aluminum is the remelt aluminum. This is the aluminum found in the sidings of the buildings. These are also known as Clean Painted Aluminum. This type of aluminum is difficult to obtain and hence the value for this aluminum scrap metal is more than the other varieties. Another type of aluminum scrap metal of common occurrence is the aluminum foil. To get good value for your aluminum scrap metal it is necessary to make them moisture and dirt free. The value will change according to the characteristic of the aluminum scrap metal.
remelt aluminium
Aluminum Scrap Prices
The price of the aluminum scrap metal varies according to the grade and quality of the scrap metal. The conditions of the global market also affect the price of the scrap metal. The Commodity exchange is responsible for deciding the price. The need for the aluminum scrap metal in the manufacturing industries and the demand for the recycled aluminum in the domestic and international market will also decide the price of aluminum scrap metal. By having the knowledge about the different types of aluminum scrap metals and their prices one can bargain to get good prices from the scrap dealer.

Aluminum Scrap Metal – Types, Grades, Prices and Market
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